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A stone’s throw from Europe, Algeria is the largest country in the Maghreb It offers an infinite number of places of interest with hardly any tourist crowds. Travelling to Algeria is like being transported back in time, from the charismatic capital to the Saharan deserts.Algiers, a city of great beauty, exudes a post-colonial air. The contrast between past and present can be seen in the boulevards and buildings with a French past as well as in the monuments of Arab socialism and the neighbourhoods with an Islamic heart.But there is more. A coastline with tourist resorts in cities such as Oran, Algiers and Tipassa. But also an important archaeological and cultural heritage, including the ruins of the Roman theatre of Djémila, the Roman ruins of Tipasa (a World Heritage Site since 1982) and its counterpart Timgad, with a Roman urban grid layout, one of the best preserved of what is known as the “Pompeii of North Africa”.But to travel to Algeria is also to travel to its deserts and oasis. The largest desert in the world, the Sahara, is located in Algerian territory. Dreamlike and legendary landscapes and seas of sand including Tamanrasset, an important landmark. The desert is also home to the fascinating Tassili N’Ajjer National Park, a wonderland of rocks and dunes with one of the most important groupings of prehistoric rupestrian art in the world.Home to the Tuaregs, the famous desert nomads, who are renowned for their hospitality like all Algerian people.

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The Algerian coast can be visited year round, thanks to its location on the shores of the Mediterranean. The warm and dry days between March and July are ideal for exploring its multiple Roman sites. For the Saharan desert, however, the ideal time is between the second half of October and the month of April.

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A yellow fever vaccine is recommended for and only for people from at-risk countries. As for the rest of the recommended vaccines, Rift Valley encourages travellers to visit an International vaccination center before any trip to the country.


To enter Algerian territory a visa is required, which can be processed via the different consular services, including those in Barcelona. Its processing requires different documentation and a handling period that can last up to four weeks.


The currency used in Algeria is the Dinar, which is not convertible or traded on international markets. One can easily acquire them at the international airport and at many hotels in the main cities. There are also ATMs in the capital, and the big cities, but they are scarce elsewhere.

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