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Africa's Last Eden

Travelling to Gabon is synonymous with being transported to “Africa’s Last Eden”. This is how the prestigious National Geographic magazine describes the Gabonese Republic. Also known as “Africa’s Costa Rica”, Gabon has the densest and most unspoiled rainforest on the continent (occupying 85 percent of its territory) and the world’s largest population of forest elephants, leatherback turtles, humpback whales, among others.It has 13 national parks which means that 11 per cent of the country ‘s territory is protected .It offers a great diversity of fauna and flora. The Gabonese government has been committed to ecotourism since 2004.Travelling to Gabon will allow us to visit the Moukalaba lowland gorilla habituation project, an experience that will not leave us indifferent.This rich wildlife is complemented by the Loango, Lekedi, Mayoumba and Waka national parks.Gabon also boasts a great anthropological diversity (with almost fifty different peoples), such as the Punu people or the Babongo and their ancestral rites of the Bwiti.It is a former French colony, whose architectural heritage can be seen in the capital Libreville and Lamberené, with the famous Scheweitzer Hospital as its main landmark.In short, to travel to Gabon is to travel to a natural paradise, home to a rich ethnography and history.

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Gabon features a warm and humid climate, with an average temperature of 26º throughout the year. Depending on one's objective on the trip, it is better to travel in the dry or rainy season, but travellers can complete the chosen route during either.

Sanidad - Vacunas

A yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. In addition to the DPT vaccine, typhoid fever, bacterial meningitis and hepatitis vaccines are also recommended. It is advisable to consult with the International Vaccination Center before travelling.


A visa is required for entry into the country. It is processed in Madrid, and the requirements include a hotel booking for the first night, the yellow fever vaccination card, and a photograph.


The national currency is the CFA franc. It is advisable to change euros or dollars to local currency because credit card payments are not a standard practice, and it is only possible to withdraw money at ATMs in Libreville or Port Gentil.


Bwti: a magical/religious ritual in Gabon, but also in the southern area of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. A hallucinogenic bark ("ibogá") is consumed that allows one to access "other realities".

Etnias de Gabon

ceremonia bwiti

Etnia babongo

También conocidos como “las personas del bosque”, los babongo se autodenominan como los primeros habitantes del planeta y muchos antropólogos les consideran...

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