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Independent country since 1990, Namibia is home to wild nature, infinite landscapes and peoples of great anthropological value such as the San or the Himba. Travelling to Namibia is an exciting experience.As if that weren’t enough, its Germanic past is reflected in certain buildings and political institutions. A peaceful and exciting destination, Namibia is also an excellent place to discover its neighbouring countries such as Angola and Botswana.Travelling to Namibia allows you to experience one of the most interesting national parks to do safari in the world: the Estosha. There are also other breathtaking landscapes with sand dunes (Namib Desert) or abandoned ships (Skeleton Coast).We can also travel to Namibia if we have an  ethnographic interest and experience life with the Himba, photograph the colourful dresses of the Herero or delight in the vocal “clicks” of the San.If, on the other hand, a trip to Namibia is due to a historical interest, there is nothing better than a visit to Swakopmund and its German colonial buildings.History, a great ethnographic richness, landscapes and culture all in one destination.

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Two distinct seasons: Summer (October to April) and Winter (May to September). The climate is generally dry and very hot, so the best time to travel to Namibia is in the winter.

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There is no mandatory vaccine to enter Namibia, but typhoid, hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations, as well as prophylaxis for malaria, are recommended.


For Spanish travellers staying for less than three months in the country a visa is not required Passports must be valid for at least six months.


Namibia's currency is the Namibian Dollar (NAD). Credit cards can only be used at major establishments, so we recommend changing euros or dollars to the local currency at the airport.

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