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In July 2011, the continent’s largest country split in two, giving birth to South Sudan.It is the last frontier. Travelling to South Sudan is like living in the paradigm of the most unknown and wildest Africa. A unique territory where numerous peoples who live among ancestral culture and tradition coexist.A true island of cultural resistance where you can experience a real expedition which includes coexisting with the Mundari people (on the banks of the Nile River), the Toposa, Jie or Lotukos, to name just a few examples.A real return to the past.

Mgahinga Virunga

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Sudán del Sur
South Sudan

The Last Frontier

The epitome of the most genuine and wildest Africa. A unique territory where numerous heterogeneous ethnic groups coexist.
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Rift Valley organizes trips to the country throughout the year, although it should be noted that in the dry months, November to March, almost any part of the country can be visited without any problem. From April to October, during the rainy (albeit irregular) season, some areas may be isolated.

Sanidad - Vacunas

Medical and health care is limited throughout the country, although very basic services can be found in Juba. As with all travel, Rift Valley recommends taking out health insurance in your home country with international coverage. With regards to health, bottled water is recommended, and raw vegetables and unpeeled fruits should be avoided. Schistosomiasis is widespread, but can be avoided by not swimming in rivers or reservoirs. There is a high incidence of malaria throughout the country, especially during the rainy season. Vaccination for yellow fever is mandatory, and local authorities may request international certification for it.


Spaniards need an entry visa issued on a passport valid for at least 6 months and with at least two unstamped pages. It can be obtained from one of South Sudan's embassies around the world. It may also be acquired at the airport, provided that the traveller has an entry permit issued by the local authorities. The visa fee is 150 USD. For all other nationalities, ask Rift Valley Expeditions.


The local currency is the South Sudanese pound. The most accepted and widespread foreign currency is the US dollar, although it is essential that notes have an issue date after 2006, and not be marked, or they will not be accepted.


Travellers can participate in a number of local celebrations observed by the country's different ethnicities. This fledgling country's foremost holiday is Independence Day, celebrated on 9 July.

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rio Nilo Sudán del Sur

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