Ethiopia Classic North

A trip for those travellers who wish to explore the territory in depth, to immerse themselves in Ethiopia’s colors and flavors, and experience the warmth and friendliness of people from different corners across this extraordinary country.We will visit and delve deep into some of the Wonders of the World, such as Lalibela. The city, a must-see in Northern Ethiopia, boasts eleven churches carved into rock, some more than 10 meters high. Located at an altitude of 2,630 meters, between rugged mountains and stunning bluffs, to travel to Lalibela is to journey into the past.The itinerary proposed also takes us to Bahar Dar and Gondar, indispensable destinations for those wishing to fully experience the most authentic Ethiopia.


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International Flight to Addis Ababa

International flight to Addis Ababa. Arrival in the capital at night and transfer to the hotel.Overnight stay at Azzeman Hotel.


Addis Ababa City Tour

ay dedicated to exploring Addis Ababa. Little known to most travelers, who often just pass by it, Addis Ababa is a fascinating world waiting to be discovered. It is worth noting that the Ethiopian city, at an elevation of 2,400 meters, is one of the highest capitals in the world.With a growing population, and geographically located in the center of the country, Addis Ababa (“New Flower”, in Amharic, as its founders dubbed it), is a pleasant city full of many surprises. The day is dedicated to touring the city, whose most emblematic landmarks include the Piazza district and the ever-bustling Mesquel Square.Visit the Entoto Mountains, where Menelik II settled before founding the city. From these mountains, at some points ascending up to 3,000 meters, we can see the capital’s full dimensions. Next we will discover the secrets of Lucy, one of the most important paleontological discoveries of all time, at the National Museum; and, if we have enough time, we will visit an Orthodox Christian church.We will then return to our hotel to rest.Overnight stay at Azzeman Hotel. AB (Accommodations and Breakfast)


Addis Ababa – Bahar Dar (Domestic Flight)

We’ll take the first flight in the morning to Bahar Dar. Here will spend the day seeing some of the monasteries of Lake Tana, numbering more than 20, many of them remaining almost unknown to for foreigners until 1930. Several of them feature magnificent decorations and genuine treasures, turning these into places full of mystery and legends.In addition, most of the islands are veritable wildlife sanctuaries. Bahar Dar and Lake Tana, the largest lake in the country, covering 3,673 square kilometers, are two not-to-be-missed sites in Ethiopia. A short ferry ride will take us to the Zege Peninsula, where we’ll visit the Ura Kidane Mehret Church, accessed by a lush and leafy trail. We’ll continue our tour of this stunning lake and stop at the Azuwa Maryam Temple, or a similar site. Depending on the time available, we may visit one, two or three churches.In the afternoon, 30 km from Bahar Dar, the famous Blue Nile Falls await us. The jaw-dropping 45-meter waterfall known as Tis Isat, or Tis Abay (Great Smoke) is one of the trip’s photographic highlights.Overnight stay at Unison Hotel. FB (Full Board)


Bahar Dar – Gondar

After breakfast, we will hit the road, going from Bahar Dar to Gondar. Founded by Emperor Fasilides, Gondar was the second capital of the Axumite Empire and a very important city in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In Gondar we will visit its historic center, paying special attention to the castle complex, King Fasilidas’ pool, and the Debre Birhan Selassie monastery.Gondar was once the capital of Ethiopia, and boasts one of the first castles in African history (Fasil Ghebbi). The walled enclosure, surrounded by towering stone walls, covers some 70,000 square meters, and actually contains a total of six castles, a network of interconnected tunnels, and footbridges to other smaller buildings. Known as the “Camelot of Africa”, the royal complex also includes chapels, a banquet hall, horse stables and … even a lion’s cage.After seeing the castles and the heart of Gondar, it is on to King Fasilidas’ 16th-century pool. The founder of Gondar’s baths cover 2,800 square meters. Surrounded by a stone wall outfitted with six towers, the baths are overlooked by a two-storey building that legends say was the monarch’s second residence. Other sources state that, although long considered swimming pools, they were probably used for ceremonial purposes.Our tour of Gondar ends with a visit to the Debre Birhan Selassie Monastery. Legend has it that it was the only temple saved from mass destruction in 1888 due to “the divine intervention of a swarm of bees”. The church’s main point of interest for travellers is its interior paintings. The ceiling, for example, is adorned with images of eighty angelic faces, a unique sight making it one of the most photographed attractions in the country. There is also a frightening depiction of the Devil, surrounded by flames, on the wall to the left of the front entrance.Accommodations at the Haile Resort Hotel. FB (Full Board)


Gondar – Lalibela (By road)

Transfer by road from Gondar to Lalibela, featuring spectacular scenery. We will pass through the city of Debre Tabor and the foothills of Mount Guna, at an elevation of 4,231 meters. On our way to the city we will stop at Nakute La´ab, a simple church built around a shallow cave, with several sacred ponds fed by natural fountains. The temple houses several treasures, including paintings, a leather bible, and various paintings, which we will be able to ponder up close. After this stop, we will resume the 6 km that separate us from Lalibela.Overnight stay at Mezena Lodge. FB (Full Board)



We will spend the day visiting the churches carved into the rock. At dawn, if it is Sunday, we will have the opportunity to behold the churches’ spectacular religious ceremonies. Lalibela can boast of being one of the most important artistic/religious complexes in the world, with some calling it the “African Jerusalem”. The set of churches in Lalibela was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1979, and is the foremost pilgrimage site for Orthodox Christians. We will visit the first group of churches carved into the rock, among which we can highlight the Church of Medhanialem (Holy Savior) one of the largest and most impressive, with external colonnades that adorn the sides; and the church of Bete Mariam, a small construction whose beautiful interior paintings have been preserved, as has its curious internal structure, featuring two floors.The churches of Lalibela, being underground, are connected via tunnels and trenches that will, undoubtedly, be unforgettable highlights for travellers. We will dedicate the day to thoroughly exploring this city, considered one of the wonders of the world. Located at 2,630 meters above sea level, Lalibela is famed for the majesty of its churches, but also the charm of its narrow streets, through which we will wander until dinnertime.Overnight stay at Mezena Lodge. FB (Full Board)


Lalibela – Addis Ababa (Domestic flight)

Flight to Addis Ababa Once in the capital we will have lunch and a vehicle available to visit some of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Addis Ababa, such as Piassa, and Merkato. Farewell dinner and transfer to the airport.Day use at Azzeman Hotel. HB (Half Board) – Breakfast and Dinner


Arrival at international destination


Información práctica del país

Mejor época para viajar a Etiopía

Etiopía puede visitarse en cualquier época del año. Con variedad de zonas climáticas, en el norte (altiplano) hay una temperatura primaveral durante todo el año. De junio a octubre, época de lluvias, la temperatura suele ser un poco más baja. En las zonas del sur suele ser más cálido, encontrándose en el Danakil las temperaturas más altas del planeta. La mejor época para visitar el norte de Etiopía es todo el año excepto junio, julio y agosto por ser época de lluvias. Para visitar el sur, la mejor época es de octubre a marzo, ya que la temporada de lluvias es un poco más extensa en esta zona.

Sanidad – Vacunas

No hay vacunas obligatorias para la entrada en Etiopía, pero sí algunas recomendaciones, como por ejemplo, la del paludismo, recomendada para viajes en zonas por debajo de los 200m. Rift Valley aconseja asesorarse por los centros internacionales de vacunación antes de iniciar el viaje.


Para la obtención del visado es necesario tener el pasaporte con páginas suficientes para el sello y con validez mínima de 6 meses desde la salida del país. El visado se puede obtener online en y puede tardar desde unas horas a varios días. También puede gestionarse a la llegada al aeropuerto de destino.


El birr es la divisa oficial de Etiopía. Es conveniente cambiar euros o dólares a la llegada al aeropuerto ya que no en todos los lugares es aceptado el uso de la tarjeta de crédito.


  • English-speaking guide.
  • Local guides
  • Vehicles, drivers and the gasoline.
  • Boat rental.
  • Double room with full board, except in Addis Ababa.
  • Farewell dinner.
  • Admission to national parks.
  • The visits described on the itinerary.

No incluye

  • Visa.
  • International and domestic flights
  • Airline fees
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • No PCR required.
  • Lunches and dinners in Addis Ababa.
  • Tips.
  • Basic health insurance.
  • Any service not specified as Included.

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    Opiniones de viajeros

    422 viajeros han realizado esta ruta con Rift Valley

    Rift Valley Expeditions

    Eleni Domazinaki
    Eleni Domazinaki
    22. Enero, 2024.
    Traveled with Rift Valley Expeditions in the South of Ethiopia . Mehari was an excellent guide and driver . Made the trip unforgettable and unique.He was very organised and was making sure we enjoyed every second of the trip. Would definitely recommend him and for sure will travel with them again!
    Sitges Travel
    Sitges Travel
    14. Enero, 2024.
    Gracias Rift Valley por hacer de nuestro viaje a Benín una espectacular experiencia con los 5 sentidos. Ya hacía tiempo que queríamos viajar con vosotros a título personal, y ahora que ya lo hemos hecho, sin duda os recomendaremos a todos nuestros clientes aventureros. ¡¡Ya estamos deseando volver a África para descubrir con vosotros otro destino!! Queremos agradecer especialmente a nuestro guía en Benín, Oumar Farouk, eres una joyita de persona, ¡no cambies nunca!, y a Rafa Martín por todo lo que aprendemos y nos enamora más el continente africano cada vez que hablamos contigo ;)
    Natalia Valencia Pineda
    Natalia Valencia Pineda
    3. Diciembre, 2023.
    Estoy en estos momentos regresando de un viaje en Kenia y simplemente espectacular. Recomiendo la agencia y sobre todo a sus guias. Siempre dispuestos a todo!
    Teresa Pubill
    Teresa Pubill
    8. Octubre, 2023.
    Al Setembre vaig fer una safari a Tanzania amb Rift Valley. L’ organització ha estat fantàstica des del primer moment que vam contactar amb ells. El guia un gran professional, ens va resoldre tots els dubtes que teniem i ens va fer disfrutar molt del safari. Els hotels, recomanats per l’ agència van set extraordinaris. Realment son molt professionals i fan que sigui un viatge inobidable. Segur que tornaré a viatjar amb ells i els recomano a tothom que vulgui viatjar a Africa
    Ana Olivar
    Ana Olivar
    14. Septiembre, 2023.
    Viatges diferents i culturals
    Kira Josende Camacho
    Kira Josende Camacho
    14. Septiembre, 2023.
    ¡Experiencia increíble en Kenia! Muchas gracias por toda la organización! Repetiremos seguro! :)
    Nerea Tabernero
    Nerea Tabernero
    2. Septiembre, 2023.
    Nuestro viaje a Etiopía no podría haber salido mejor. Recorrimos el sur del país durante semana y media acompañados por Salomon y Mente, los mejores guía y conductor posibles. Tanto los alojamientos como la coordinación de horarios y visitas han sido perfectos, incluso cuando ha habido algún imprevisto.
    Jorge Pam
    Jorge Pam
    1. Septiembre, 2023.
    Tras viajar con ellos por Etiopía, recomiendo sin dudarlo a Rift Valley para viajar por África. Tienen multitud de experiencia, contactos y saber hacer. Gracias en especial a nuestro guía Salomon y nuestro conductor Mente. 😃
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