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The Caribbean charm of Mozambique is one of the features that best define this southern African country. Travelling to Mozambique, the former Portuguese colony, allows us to explore endless beaches (almost 2,500 metres of coastline), a diverse seabed and a rich gastronomy.Travelling to Mozambique means breathing in a mixture of Indian, Portuguese, African and Swahili influences, getting up close to interesting colonial architecture (Ilha de Mozambique is a World Heritage Site) and visiting some of its national parks, such as Gorongosa, where you can see impalas, antelopes, hippopotamus, a multitude of birds and, with a bit of luck, elephants and lions. When travelling to Mozambique, on the other hand, you can also relax on its white sands, snorkel in crystal-clear waters or spot dolphins. The Bazaruto Archipelago, declared a national park in 1971, may be one of the best places to do such activities.Further along the coast, it is worth wandering around the colourful markets, taking a trip to Lake Niassa (one of the continent’s largest lakes) or enjoying the nightlife in Maputo.A destination to get lost in.

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The climate of Mozambique, shaped by the monsoons of the Indian Ocean and the hot stream of the Mozambique Channel, is tropical, making it ideal to visit throughout the year.

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Existe riesgo de Malaria en todo el territorio nacional, por lo que recomendamos tratamiento de profilaxis de la Malaria. La vacuna de la Fiebre Amarilla es obligatoria si el viajero procede de países en riesgo. Se recomienda consultar con los servicios de vacunación internacional.


A passport valid for at least 6 months is required for entry into Mozambique. A visa must be obtained on the Embassy of Mozambique in Spain website.


The currency is the metical, which may be acquired upon arrival at the airport.


Due to European influence, Mozambique celebrates festivities like New Year, Christmas and Labor Day. Unique Mozambican celebrations are 25 June, Independence Day; and 7 September, Victory Day.

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